OpenStreetMap in the News - 3/14/12

Once Apple starts using a mapping product, the media takes notice. And so, the online media have found OpenStreetMap!

Talking Point Memo (TPM) argues OpenStreetMap Aims To Become Most Popular Map On The Web.

Mashable profiles Steve Coast and How One Man’s Big Idea Changed Digital Map Making. (I think they left out the part about he works for Microsoft.)

Open source focused website The H goes legal and explains how OpenStreetMap [is] completing move to Open Database Licence

And, here's an article in the local paper about a small town in Massachusetts, Milford, putting its GIS online. It's GIS provider is no Johnny Come Lately to OSM. The app that users can tap into OSM tiles from two sources - one I'm not sure of (maybe hosted by the vendor) and the other from MapQuest. Yes, some organizations have known of OpenStreetMap for some time.

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Published Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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