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MapQuest is at Adobe MAX in sunny Los Angeles and we are thrilled to announce the official release of our Mobile Flash Maps API on both licensed data [the regular MapQuest data from companies you know] and open data [OpenStreetMap].

Flash? But it's that so over? No, Adobe doesn't think so.

For those who have been following Adobe lately, you’ve seen some very exciting developments within their Flash Builder (Flex SDK) development tools.  With the release of Flash Builder 4.5, you can deploy native mobile applications to Apple iOS, Google Android and Blackberry Tablet from a single code base.  Yes, code ONE time and deploy native applications everywhere.  For those used to Adobe Flex, Flash Builder is the new name of the development tool to deploy applications using Adobe Flex SDK or ActionScript.

If I understand this correctly the magic that allows this is Adobe Air, Adobe cross-platform run-time envronment which runs as a layer on iOS.

MapQuest Dev Blog via @gletham

Per the OSM Sys Admin

tile scraping apps: MOBAC, NaviComputer, OpenMaps, Locus & oMaps are killing our servers & endangering our hosting

That is NOT good.

- @firefishy1 provides a simple-to-use, step by step approach to learning how to make maps with OpenStreetMap. If you are new to OSM the Beginner’s Guide is the best place to start. Over seven chapters this guide shows how to get started with OSM, how to start mapping, and how you can use tools such as GPS, aerial photos, and pens and paper to make maps that anyone can use.


Published Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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