Oracle MapViewer 10.1.3

By Joe Francica

The newest feature of Oracle MapViewer version 10.1.3 is Oracle Maps. Oracle Maps is a new Java map application development kit included with Oracle Application Server MapViewer. It consists of a free-scrolling AJAX-based Web mapping interface, a flexible and open JavaScript API, a map cache, and a map design and styling tool - MapBuilder. MapBuilder offers support for metadata and symbol management. A new JDeveloper Map Component supports the creation of thematic maps, pie and bar charting, point themes and interactivity. The Map Component is Java Server Faces and is Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) compliant and hence also supports the Eclipse Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Other subcomponents include support for a map toolbar, layer switching and an auto zoom that centers the map based on data extents only.

Oracle Maps is also integrated with the new Web 2.0 portal framework known as Oracle WebCenter. This allows users to place an Oracle Maps application in a portlet that supports customization and personalization. Thus an application can support geographic extents per user whereby only certain users can see certain geographies of a project. There are plans to support GeoRSS by extending WebCenter’s RSS support, but no delivery date is confirmed at this time.

Tasks that you may have considered development efforts unto themselves now have solutions offered as part of the Oracle Maps API. All it takes to include them in the finished product is a few lines of Java code. Oracle's intention is that Oracle Maps be included within a business intelligence application. And given the large suite of applications Oracle has available, the company can now deliver the capability to spatially enable any number of its enterprise applications.

Published Friday, March 16th, 2007

Written by Joe Francica

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