OSM Mapathon in Atlanta Taps Local URISA, 4-H as Mappers

The BBC, not the Atlanta Journal Constitution, is making a big deal of OpenStreetMap’s “mapathon” in Atlanta coming up this weekend. Among the leaders is Dr. Frank Howell from the Office of Research and Policy Analysis, who used to be a GIS professor, and new serves as Director of the volunteer GeoGeorgia Initiative. (Mission: to facilitate the growth of the geospatial industry in Georgia through training and the education of state and local governments to make geospatial data freely available to the public.) He hopes the city can “claim to the title of the most digitally mapped city by the new year.”

Among the participating organizations: CloudMade, Gainesville State College, GeoGeorgia Initiative, Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), Georgia URISA, the Georgia GIS Coordinating Committee, Southeastern GeoTech Center, Georgia 4-H Clubs and REI.

I like that the timing of the event helps raise further questions about what Google will be doing with its crowdsourced data. We know exactly what OSM will be doing with its data. We’d love a “report from the field” from anyone who is participating!

- press release (pdf)

Published Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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