Outsourcing Becoming A Hot Topic Among GIS Job Holders/Seekers

By Richard Serby

This week I asked visitors to our website a question about their experience with outsourcing.

"The issue of outsourcing work to other countries, especially India, has become the topic of much discussion recently.Has your job or jobs within your company been affected by outsourcing?"

The results: 138 people responded

53.6% answered 'Yes'
46.4% answered 'No'
Here are some comments from respondents.

"Thanks to outsourcing I have been pushed out of my job as a government employee after 25 years...they (government agencies) only care about the bottom line and what is in their contract anything else will not get done."
Name Withheld

"I was a consultant for 5 years at (Company).They outsourced the entire IT department.I was good enough to train the people from India.When my contract was ended because they could no longer have consultants, my company was also be hit with lower work requests.My company laid me off after 3 weeks of not having any more assignments.I do not think people should be able to stay in this country and replace our jobs."

"I do believe that off-shore production is affecting our industry. How can it not? In India the sale price is cheaper than the US labor price. I managed a department of 300 personnel and approximately 88% held college diploma's (equivalent to three years of college). ...what amazes me most is the (lack of) quality that American firms are willing to accept!"

"Outsourcing has had a PROFOUND effect on my experience and in the mapping industry directly as a whole. I have been through 4 job lay-offs since I was laid off in January 2001 at a mapping company ...because of outsourcing and new management."

This issue may become the hottest topic in the country as we approach November elections.

Published Friday, June 18th, 2004

Written by Richard Serby

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