Update: Paint, Maintain and Map Hydrants and other Government GIS News

Update: The mayor of Soledad California got his way. The entrance to the new Pinnacles National Park, in the city, is now on Google Maps and will soon be on Apple's.

And on Tuesday, the city of Soledad - about 75 miles south of San Jose - announced that after its public plea last month, Google now offers driving directions to Pinnacles National Park with an entrance way through Soledad, which it hadn't before.

And, according to city spokesman Rolando Bonilla, Mike Foulkes from Apple called Soledad's city manager a few days ago to say that the Cupertino company is working on putting the same driving directions on Apple's map app.

No word on if the city has contacted TomTom or Nokia.

- NBC Bay Area

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So, what's the cost for painting, sealing, testing and mapping hydrants? In Frostproof, FL, in a bid with Broward County, the deal looks like this:

For $25 each, the company would paint, reseal, lubricate, test and map each of the city's almost 170 hydrants.

Keene said the map would include GPS coordinates to make hydrants easier to find.

For an extra $3.50 per hydrant, Keene recommended having the company attach metal tags to each hydrant, giving a number, location and the results of the most recent flow test.

Outsourcing mapping to a hydrant management company...interesting.

- The Ledger

As one of his first orders of business, [Solidad, California]Mayor Fred Ledesma looked north - to Silicon Valley tech titans - to help put the town of 26,000 - literally - on the map.

He formally asked Google's Larry Page and Apple's Tim Cook to put the new national park route on their software GPS systems. To read the letters, click here. (PDF)

The new national park is Pinnacles National Park and the town wants its share of tourist dollars that might come by as they navigate to the park's western entrance. That entrance, alas, is not yet on Google or Apple (or proabably Nokia's) maps. But no worries:

Over the next few weeks, Ledesma will be reaching out to other app makers asking that they too help put Soledad on their maps.

I'm sure the CEOs will get right on the matter!

- NBC Bay Area

In Gosper County, NE, a vendor was given the ok to apply for a grant to lower the cost of a GIS implementation it would install. 

The Gosper County Board of Commissioners voted, 2-1, to authorize Brenda E. Wilson of Lincoln to prepare a grant application to help defray the costs of installing a Geographic Information System.

Wilson is the sales manager of GIS Workshop of Lincoln and appeared before the county commissioners Wednesday morning.

I guess that's how it's done now... Interesting. But, clearly the commissioners were not 100% on board. Why not?

Commissioners were concerned at the cost of the service. Installation of $52,300 would be partially offset with a grant of up to $25,000 from the state. The county’s portion would be paid in a two- or three-year period. Most troubling to the commissioners was an annual cost of $11,550 for support and maintenance services. That concern caused Bruce Bader to cast the lone vote against filing for the grant. Bader wondered if other firms could do the service for less and whether there would be any future increase in the annual cost.

- Kearney Hub

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