Patent: Real Time Crime Map on Cellphone/Smartphone

Two Wisconsin inventors have developed and successfully patented CrimeAware™, a product that provides real-time crime data on web-connected smartphones and GPS units.

The patent, 8290705 is titled Mobile navigation system with graphic crime-risk display. Here's the abstract:

A navigation system for mobile use includes street map data used for creating a dynamic map display tracking movement of the vehicle and includes crime data used to provide an overlay on the dynamic display indicating a risk of crime to the vehicle's occupants from the surrounding area. Crime data may be harvested from police websites and/or generated using statistical correlation techniques from other proxy information. Presented crime data indicate crime risk, type of crime, crime date or time of occurrence, and linkage to environmental conditions such as type of weather, temperature, and moonlight.

Remember the big kerfuffle when Microsoft got a patent last January for "safe routing" for walking directions? (APB coverage). I wonder if this will prompt the same response.

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Published Monday, December 10th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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