Pictometry Merges with EagleView

Most readers know Pictometry, the company that provides oblique imagery with enough detail and tools to be used for measuerement. It did very well in the public sector in past years via many homeland security and other grants. I've not heard of EagleView, but here's its description of itself:

Since its inception in 2008, EagleView Technologies has become the leading provider of automated 3D measurement technologies serving the insurance and construction industries.  With millions of measurement reports produced, customers rely upon EagleView’s patented technology and methods to provide scalable, efficient and highly accurate 3D measurements.  The company’s product portfolio also includes related offerings such as EagleView Estimator, a simple, intuitive and powerful solution providing project estimates/bill of material and sales proposal capabilities to the construction industry, and the UnderWriter™Report, a risk management solution which integrates key parcel and property-centric data with measurement technologies for insurance carriers.  For more information contact EagleView Technologies at (866) 659-8439 or visit us at eagleview.com.

So, it's a young company more geared to insurance and construction, both "hot" with recent storms and the returning growth in the building arean as the economy turns. It got its start in automated roof measurement and modelling (with birdhouses as pilot projects!). The transaction closed yesterday and it's unclear what the new name will be; I'm guessing Pictometry. That said, Chris Barrow, EagleView’s chief executive officer, will lead the merged management team and Pictometry’s chief executive officer, Rick Hurwitz, will leave. The company will have two main offices, EagleView's in Bothell, Wash. and PIctometry's homebase of Rochester, NY as well as regional offices. Pictometry has 300 employees with about 200 at headquarters.

- press release

- Rochester Biz Journal

Published Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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