Pitney Bowes Software Builds toward a Billion

Though it already has a boost toward $1 billion by creating a $400 million company first with the acquisitions of MapInfo and Group 1 Software, Pitney Bowes Software acquired two more companies this week: Encom, an Australian natural resources software provider and Acxiom France, a geomarketing and data analytics company but also a long time distributor of MapInfo software in that country.

Mike Hickey, PB Software president said this month that he intends to get to $1 Billion in five years by both organic revenue growth and by acquisition.

I would not have expected the Encom acquisition as it does not fit the software solution model for Pitney Bowes in the area of marketing services. An exploration and infrastructure software company, Encom will offer accretive revenue and I suppose the move was geographic in nature since it fits the Australian market. But it’s a strange acquistion from the standpoint of PB’s competitive position. Acxiom France fits the PB model much better and offers them a localized solution for francophone countries.

Published Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Written by Joe Francica

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