Placecast Offers Discounts to Stores Nearby via Credit Card and other LBS News

Placecast, which offers retailers a way to offer discounts, has a new offering as of today. After signing up with credit card company, carrier, or retailer things start to roll.

...when the consumer gets close to a particular merchant, an offer will pop up on their mobile phone screen. A Card-Linked ShopAlerts offer might read “Get a $20 statement credit when you use your card and spend $100 or more at Big Box Retail, 1234 Main Street.”

Customers then simply make a purchase and automatically receive the discount on their bank statement. What Placecast says differentiates its card-linked offers, is that the incentives are location-based, and used real-time location, consumer preferences and spend history.

This is the next generation after the coffee/pizza coupon vision of five or so years ago.

- TechCrunch

Twitter has used it location-based blocking, for the first time, to "hide" offensive tweets in Germany.

The rest of the world can still see the account's 140-character ruminations, but anyone accessing Twitter from Germany will see a message saying "This tweet from @username has been withheld in: Germany."

- TechRadar

A new "more of the same" offering popped up this week.

BuzzMob is a location-based platform that brings social media communication to real-world places and events.

It just got $2M in funding (why?).


Factual, the Los Angeles provider of a huge dataset of location information and other data available via API, said last night that the firm has just turned on real time updates on the service. The company--which serves up location-based information and other huge, common datasets to mobile and other software developers--said that it has extended its data sets to now include real-time updating and assimilation of information into its Factual Places data. 

- SocialTech

Published Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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