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With GIS, at least, the participants are able to speak a common language. The maps include locations of priority development areas, environmental resource areas, transportation lines, water resources, agricultural and historical resources, along with detailed maps of town groupings highlighting development and environmental preservation priorities. 

That's a description of the value of GIS in an artlcle in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette about the  Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission's Central Thirteen Regional Prioritization Project. The project is aimed at providing a list of priorities for the 13 towns that arc around Worcester, so they can work together to achieve them.

- Worcester T & G

Hammond, IN has a new mapping tool on its website.

The map was built in-house by the GIS Department using free technology, McKinley said. Tom Ramker, a GIS technician, handled the map's coding.

It's based on Google Maps.

- Hammond News

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee will today announce the city’s plans to hire a chief data officer (CDO), evidence of the city's leadership among municipal governments making strides toward advancing the cause of open data. Lee, an outspoken advocate of the city’s growing tech sector, announced a piece of legislation that outlines the new position. The CDO will be complemented by departmental-level Open Data Coordinators throughout the city.

The new CDO will be a member of the mayor’s staff, operating out of the budget office. No word on when the position might be filled. Philly, Chicago and New York already have such a position.

Published Monday, October 15th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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