Pocket MLS, A RouteMAP IMS Wireless Solution

By Jay Hoffman

Ed Note: In October LI Magazine reviewed RouteMAP IMS 3.0. This article explores how that product can be used, along with a real-life example. While this article is written by the vendor, it is worth noting that the solution was an off-the-shelf product, running on the customer Web site, complete with data and routing capabilities all pushed to a PDA.

As the Internet continues to grow, so does the sophistication of data people are seeking. With today’s competitive real estate market, every real estate agent needs to use technology to gain a competitive edge.

Baynet World in San Jose, CA, is using “Pocket MLSs” to provide information to real estate agents while showing homes to potential buyers. When out with a potential buyer, a realtor can get directions to specific properties, view an area map down to street level, and plan an optimized route between properties. Realtors can also enter a street name and pull up all properties for sale, allowing them to give detailed information to their client on the spot.

Baynet uses RouteMAP IMS, an affordable out-of-the-box solution, to add customized mapping and routing capabilities to the Pocket MLS, a wireless mobile application. Pocket MLS is available on any Windows Mobile, Blackberry or Palm operating system handheld device. It allows realtors to search listings wirelessly, e-mail listings to clients and receive e-mail maps, property photos and driving directions.

Baynet wanted to be able to host this solution in-house, rather than with a third party.

“RouteMAP IMS was the only solution on the market that allowed us to host the application ourselves,” says Sanjeev Goel, vice president of operations at Baynet World. “This means we have complete control over our application and data. We also like the fact that with RouteMAP IMS, we pay the same software fee each year, no matter the usage. It allows us to plan our budget as we grow our business.”

Published Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

Written by Jay Hoffman

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