Podcast: A Changing LBS Ecosystem, An Executive One-on-One Interview with Kanwar Chadha, CSR plc

Directions Magazine’s editor in chief, Joe Francica, speaks to Kanwar Chadha, a pioneer in location-based services as one who founded SiRF Technologies, a GPS chipset manufacturer which merged with CSR plc in February 2009. Mr. Chadha, now the chief marketing officer of CSR, has appeared as a keynoter at Directions Media’s Location Intelligence conference. Francica spoke with him to get his take on how the LBS landscape has changed for social networking as well as anticipated new developments in new electronics going into smaller and smaller form factors. They also discuss the Location and Beyond Executive Summit upcoming October 6th at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, as well as a new endeavor that Directions will be supporting called PointThinkTank, a place for discussing new ideas and concepts in the LBS ecosystem.

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Published Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Written by Joe Francica

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