Podcast: Directions OnPoint - A Conversation with Arnulf Christl, President, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)

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Arnulf Christl is a founding and Charter Member of OSGeo, serves on the Board of Directors and is current president of OSGeo. He has also elected to the list of OSGeo Spanish Charter Members. He contributes to the Incubation Committee, Conference Committee and the Mapbender project. He is also the founder of Metaspatial.

When asked about the prospects for open source technology with respect to the entrenched community of users who purchase commercial software he said, "Well, I think in my personally obviously highly biased opinion the future will be open source anyway, So, its just a question of time; how long you are going to be able to maintain the old business model. Because proprietary software is not really a way of developing software; its a way of making business. And this way of business is just coming out of use."

Please listen to this fascinating interview with Mr. Christl.

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