Potpourri of Tools in Andover, MA and other Government GIS News

Locate county offices easily at CountyOffice.org [update 4/28/16]

Andover, MA has launched its new  Municipal Information Mapping Access Program (MIMAP) online GIS. It's hosted by the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission. Users begin the search using a Google Map, with further information provided by AppGeo's GPV technology. The intro webpage defining and explaining GIS references Esri. An AppGeo rep informs me that the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission "hosts GPV-based interactive mapping websites for all 15 towns in this vibrant region of Northeastern Massachusetts."  [updated 2/8/13]

- Andover Patch

Bartholomew County, Ohio is all set when it comes to GIS.

The county contracted with 39 Degrees North, a Bloomington company, for the service. The annual cost for the system is $55,000, which is split between the county surveyor, county highway, city engineering, city and county planning, metropolitan planning and city utility departments, said Jim Hartsook, the county’s director of information technology.

New data, included bus lines, are to be added soon to the 40 already in place in the one year old system.
In Licoln, MA a call for 40K to continue to support a GIS was denied. Lincoln is considered a wealthy town; I'm going hiking there this week. The GIS will be maintained by staff in other areas and volunteers.

Published Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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