Presidential Innovation Fellows Programs Seeks OSM, Open Data, and Crowdsourcing Expertise

The third round of the Presidential Innovation Fellows program has three foci:

  • Making Digital the Default: Building a 21st Century Veterans Experience (unclogging benefits for veterans via technology)
  • Data Innovation: Unleashing the Power of Data Resources to Improve Americans' Lives (opening government data in agencies including Census, NOAA, Interior)
  • By the People, for the People: Crowdsourcing to Improve Government (tap crowdsourcing to enhance OSM, the patent process, disaster response among others )

Fellow are well-paid (100K +), based out of agencies in DC, and typically work for 9-13 months (though they can participate for up to four years). Applications opened March 6 and are open until April 7. These sound like great positions for individuals with the right stuff.

details and how to apply via GeoTech Center LinkedIn Group

Published Monday, March 10th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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