Preview WEF Book on How Space Based Technologies can Help Address World Challenges

The Global Agenda Council on Space Security, part of the World Economic Forum, is putting together a book titled Bringing Space Down to Earth. It

breaks through the technical jargon and clearly explains how space-based technologies and services are crucial to face society’s greatest challenges. In a straight-forward manner, the Global Agenda Council on Space Security aims to inform readers about a wide range of opportunities they may not have known were possible.

There's a pre-launch preview with an overview of the book’s content − 12 chapters spanning topics from food security and education, to disaster management and climate change.

Each chapter acts as a guide, summarizing the challenges humankind faces, the potential tools and solutions provided by space-based technologies and services, and case studies showing how these tools and solutions are already being applied.

This sounds like a valuable volume for professionals and educators.

- World Economic Forum

Published Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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