PromoJam Pivots, Takes on Social Marketing with Esri’s Help

Last week PromoJam announced a new deal with Esri. You might ave missed it since the press release didn't mention Esri in the title. PromoJam is a social marketing platform. The system includes real time data to determine the success of the campaigns. Where does Esri come in?

And, through a groundbreaking partnership with Esri, the leading worldwide supplier of Geographic Information System (GIS) software and geodatabase management applications, PromoJam 2.0 enables marketers to create detailed demographic and geographic reports on campaign participants.

To those in the know that means the platform hooks up to the Esri Tapestry data. So, users of the platform can see in what geograhpies their customer are engaging and from which demographic groups they come. That in turn, can lead to more targeting promotions. SocialTech reports this deal is among the first of Esri's push to support startups.

The tool is one of the first publicly shown efforts of a new push by Redland-based GIS leader Esri to work with startups and other technology companies.

Jack Dangermond mentioned that at a press event at the User Conference last year (Directions Magazine coverage), but honestly, I'd forgotten about it! And, at the time I thought it was more geared to APIs, Geoloqi, and GeoIQ type technology.

I ran into the PromoJam founder and CMO, Amanda McNaughton, on Google+ and she has a pretty interesting story. Per an article in Women 2.0 (never heard of it!) She and her brother co-founded the company back in 2009 when MySpace was crashing and Facebook was rising. Great time to launch yet another social network, right? Her brother, from the music industry got a request for a clever way to mix music and viral messages. The pair's solution?

A pay-it-forward model, where users told their friends about the mixtape on Twitter and would be able to download the MP3 compilation for free – “Tweet-to-Download” we called it. We built it overnight using Twitter’s API and went to bed.

Response was huge. Then others started asking for the sort of promotions. So, the company pivoted to social media marketing. Early clients were in the music biz, but soon expanded to other areas and brands: The North Face and E! Entertainment. There was more funding in March 2012 and this month's updated launch of PromoJam 2.0.

It'll be interesting to see how PromoJam leverages Esri's data and Esri leverages PromoJam's expertise as a startup and a social media endeavor.

Published Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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