QGIS to Track Project Funding in the Phillippines and other Open Source GIS News

Apprently funding for projects in a region of The Phillippines has not resulted in expected changes on the ground. Officials hope to keep better track of funding in the future by putting geotagged photos of the projects on a QGIS map.

By using Quantum GIS, local authorities will be able to improve their project monitoring efforts by geotagging projects to inform decision makers on what projects have been implemented, their exact location and how they are progressing.

The GIS may help, but it seems there are other issues to be addressed as well! There are no details on why QGIS was selected or who performed the training of staffers.

- Future Gov

If you missed it during the Apple Maps mess, the real big news of the week was a Knight Foundation grant to Development Seed (makers of Mapbox) to develop better tools (presumably open source) to create and edit OpenStreetMap data.

New Tools for OpenStreetMap: Launching tools that make it easier for communities to contribute to OpenStreetMap, the community-mapping project used by millions via foursquare and Wikimedia and becoming a leading source for open, street-level data. DevelopmentSeed will create the tools.

There's a rather confusing (to me) article on TPM about how MapBox got the grant...but I understand MapBox is a project of DevelopmentSeed. And DevelopmentSee got the grant per the press release. There's also some confusion about open source software and software you have to pay for.

- press release

Azavea has open sourced the mobile code for its OpenTreeMap.

- press release

Published Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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