Qualcomm Focuses on Location; Spins Out Separate Unit

On Wednesday, Qualcomm announced that one of its subsidiaries, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., will form a separate company, along with other investors, to focus on location technology. The new company will assume the name of its flagship location and "proximity" platform, Gimbal, to become Gimbal, Inc. From the press release:

"Enabling proximal, contextually relevant experiences is an important element of our vision to bridge the digital and physical worlds across retailing, advertising, social networking and other use cases, and Gimbal, Inc. is well positioned to continue to drive industry leadership," said Derek Aberle, President of Qualcomm Incorporated. "Qualcomm often serves as a catalyst for creating businesses and technology that enable new and unique user experiences. We look forward to seeing the Gimbal platform continue to flourish and drive the vision we have created - now as an independent entity."

Ostensibly, Gimbal, Inc., was formed to focus on the retail market where interest has grown in the usage of location-based adertising and indoor location positioning support loyalty programs and to drive in-store sales. Again, from the release:

Gimbal includes support for geofencing and proximity beacons as well as an intuitive SDK for iOS and Android that enables brands, retailers and others to engage consumers with relevant, timely and personalized communications.

This is a significant announcement from one of the leading chipset manufacturers in mobile handset technology. It is recognition that proximity analysis and the ability to communicate within a hyper-local environment is in demand by those developing mobile applications and from the brick and mortar retailers.

Published Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Written by Joe Francica

Published in

Location Intelligence

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