Quick Hits - 6/10/11

A new Kentucky bill makes it fineable if you input data into your GPS while driving.

- WAVE 3

A new study actually suggests cell phone use may interfere with airplane safety. "Twenty-six incidents affected flight controls, while 17 affected navigation systems and 15 affected communication systems. Thirteen, says ABC, produced “engine indications” and other warnings." But the reports were anecdotal, best I understand, because it collected data from "commercial pilots and crewmembers and cited 75 incidents in which the respondents believed PEDs may have created electronic interference that impacted flight systems."


The MAPPS Blog reports on the FGDC (corrected 6/13/11, was "NGAC") meeting this week:

Surprisingly and disappointingly, it was the first meeting of the group responsible for coordination of federal geospatial activities since President Obama took office 2½ years ago. The agenda was long on reports and short on votes, decisions, and actions.  In fact, no votes were taken or policy decisions made.  A lot of frustration was expressed and promises were made for action before the next meeting, the date of which was not established. 

- MAPPS Blog

Published Friday, June 10th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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