Recirculating Farm Map and other Earth Day GIS News

The Recirculating Farm Coalition announced a of such farms for Earth Day. Too bad the press release didn't include a link to it. I found it though on the website. What's a recirculating farm? It uses no soil to grow plants or fish (or both) and is generally environmentally friendly.

- press release

The Chicago Tribune used Earth Day to highlight NASA updated Climage Change website which offers change detection pairs and their stories.

The images are part of a popular photo gallery that has been retooled and enhanced at NASA's Global Climate Change website.

- Chicago Tribune

The EPA is hosting a contest for photos taken on Earth Day around the globe. You have this week to submit them, but they must have been taken on Earth Day. The goal? A map of the moment.

- EPA Blog

The Federal Transit Administration has launched a new website for Earth Day (this Sunday), showcasing the agency’s efforts for livability and clean energy. It’s all good Earth Day reading, but what stands out is this useful map of sustainable transportation projects.

DC Streets Blog

Menlo and Sacred Heart Prep in Menlo Park, CA competed to see which school could get a higher percentage of students to use "alternative transport" to schoo. Menlo won, but I think Sacred Heart did ok, too.

Although Sacred Heart Schools lost this competition, Millie Lee, SHP’s director of communications, says the residual impacts of their efforts will be a positive thing for the environment.

“We will continue to encourage students to consider using these transportation modes afterwards and have created a map and tips to help students and parents find the best biking and walking paths to our school,” Lee said.  “We hope students will discover the rewards and benefits that these new ways to come to school will have for the environment.”

- Menlo Park Patch

Published Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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