Remote Sensing Tidbits

An MIT project uses a vehicle with  an inexpensive low-resolution IR camera (< $1000) has been used to show heat leaks in Cambridge, MA homes and an army installation (Fort Drum in New York). Researcher Long Phan and Research Scientist Jonathan Jesneck, working with Professor Sanjay Sarma, developed the system; they hail from MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering Field Intelligence Laboratory and hope to use the scanner to track exactly where energy savings can be greatest.

- MIT News (via reader Larry)

The Mosquito Abatement Decision Information System - MADIS - for St. Tammany Parish in Louisiana will use satellites owned by imaging company DigitalGlobe to locate mosquito larval breeding habitats and activity at a 0.6-meter level of accuracy. The parish is partnering with aWhere, Inc. of Colorado to test a new imagery based system to locate and analyze potential mosquito breeding sites.

- Nola

"Landsat time analysis with ArcGIS Online coming in May!"

- @josephkerski, details

Published Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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