Retailers Go Geofencing ... Again

By Joe Francica

An article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday suggests that texting, in conjuction with geofencing is catching on with retailers. Geofencing by retailers is not a new, of course. When mobile applications were utilizing only GPS and virtual couponing wasn't even born yet, a few start ups (remember GeePS?) tried in vain to bring the concept to market. But perhaps now the applications of location intelligence are finally becoming easier to implement via mobile apps. The article discusses how Maurices, a women's clothing chain, started sending text messages to people within a few hundred yards of their store. The retailer recognized that customers were "showrooming" in their stores but opted for buying online. Others, like North Face, are using Placecast's technology for geofencing but not just around stores. They are also geofencing areas where they are likely to find other customers like ski slopes and parks, according to the Journal. North Face's opt in messaging has only drawn 8,000 clients, however.

Published Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Written by Joe Francica

Published in

Location Intelligence

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