Safety Map: Planning Ahead for Disaster

You may have read about Depiction's Depiction Prep (APB coverage, press release). Safety Maps is another offering in the same space: a solution for coordinating in case of a disaster. But it's different. Why?

1) It has some serious geo/carto power behind it in its people:

Safety Maps is an initiative of Do projects, a flexible "platform for collaborative making" with a shifting roster of collaborators. For Safety Maps, Do consisted of Nurri Kim, Bloom’s Tom Carden, and Stamen’s Michal Migurski, with Urbanscale’s Adam Greenfield. 

2) It has open source goodness.

Safety Maps is built on top of a variety of open tools and data, most notably OpenStreetMap, Python, PHP, and MySQL. From one perspective, these are resilient solutions. "The properties of open technologies that make them cheap and accessible also make them flexible and adaptable," says Migurski. From another perspective, reliant as the whole system is on working servers and stable network connections, this arrangement is fragile. This is why the final output is paper.

Depiction's solution also uses OSM.

3) It's free.

- Co.Design

Published Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

Published in

Open Source

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