Schumer Learns More About Remote Sensing from Apple, Google; Wants Privacy

Senator Schumer is calling on Apple and Google to let communities know when they'll be mapping so people are aware. He is also asking them to blur photos of people automatically, and to give property owners the right to have their property mapped.

Schumer wrote a letter to the CEOs of Google and Apple, Larry Page and Tim Cook, detailing his requests.

The NBC TV got no response from Google or Apple.

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NY1 got a response from Google, promising to further educate the Senator:

Apple did not return NY1's request for comment but representatives from Google said, "We appreciate the senator’s concerns and we look forward to meeting with him to demonstrate how the imagery used to develop our 3D models is similar to what's already publicly available in 2D mapping products. We currently don't blur aerial imagery because the resolution isn't sharp enough for it to be a concern."

Among Schumer's understanding of image capture:
Schumer adds the new technology is so precise it can recognize an individual's face from 10,000 feet up.
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Published Monday, June 18th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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