SeeClickFix Used to Find a Mitten

This is perhaps another way to explain the power of social media. Location technology does not seem to have played a bit role.

Natalie from New Haven, CT, lost her right hand mitten. After looking for it to no avail she posted it to SeeClickFix (the "report an issue in your city" app). A day later the mitten was found and contact made and the two mittens were reunited in a local coffee shop.

As Ben Berkowitz (CEO, founder) notes on the SeeClickFix blog, this is a cheery story, but reinforces how communities can work together to solve problems. It also highlights to me that many other technologies could have stood in for SeeClickFix in this case. In particular, I'm thinking of Twitter, with a city or neighborhood hashtag. I would hope those who follow that sort of hashtag would have the same civimindedness as a SeeClickFixer.

- SeeClickFix Blog via @timoreilly

Published Monday, January 14th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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