Skybox Signs Agreement with Orbital Sciences to Launch More Satellites; Captures Protests in Kiev

Skybox Imaging, the developer of small, remote sensing satellites ("small sats") has signed an agreement with Orbital Sciences to carry six of Skybox's satellites into orbit aboard an Orbital Minotaur-C rocket scheduled for launch in late 2015 from Vandenberg AFB, according to SkyBox. Through the company's public relations firm, I received this additional information: 

Once in orbit, the launch will bring the number of Skybox’s satellites in space to nine. Skybox plans to have its full constellation of 24 satellites up within five years. For additional details on the agreement, check out the Skybox blog here. Go here for a gallery of recent imagery and here to view Skybox’s second video montage. 

Also, Skybox reports that its imagery of the protests in Kiev was featured in The New York Times this week.

Published Friday, February 21st, 2014

Written by Joe Francica

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