Slightly Off Topic: First Cyclist Convicted in Vehicular Homicide of Pedestrian

Chris Bucchere, 37, fatally struck a pedestrian 71-year-old Sutchi Hui in San Francisco last year. He was sentenced to community service and probation yesterday, after pleading guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter. The case is believed to be the first such conviction against a cyclist in the United States. The plea deal, with no jail time, was agreed to by the victim's son who did not want to see Bucchere go to jail.

Of note to those in our industry, Bucchere was using what the paper refers to as a GPS-based program to allow bike racers to compare times, but like you, I suspect he was using Strava. Because it records speeds, prosecutors know he was going 30 MPH when he hit Hui. But that was not all that brought on the high level accusation: he also ran a red light per witnesses at the scene.

Be safe out there.

- Chicago Tribune
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Published Friday, August 16th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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