Sloan Consortium Spatial Thinking and Web Mapping Mastery Series

This online series of workshops, the Spatial Thinking and Web Mapping Mastery Series, is hosted by the Sloan Consortium. Who?

The Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) is the leading professional online learning society devoted to advancing quality e-Education learning into the mainstream of education through its community. 

I know of the consortium because it gave Penn State's MGIS program an award in 2009.

Each of three workshops is a week long and there is a three week break between each one for self-study and reflection. The cost: $599 and there is a certificate of completion. I found the online information incomplete, so I contacted Sloan-C for the details. Since I first visited the series website last week, a Joe Kerski video appeared, so I guess that answers my one unanswered question: Who is teaching it?

  • Synchronous/Asynchronous?  -  This mastery series is primarily asynchronous.  There will be 3 live synchronous sessions (one in each workshop in the series), but those sessions are recorded for those who are not able to attend.  
  • Workload? -  Assignment workload is approximately 6-7 hours per week during each of the three workshops and 2-4 hours in each of the two reflection/application periods for a total of 22-29 hours over the entire mastery series. 
  • Interactions? -  You will have the opportunity to interact using text, voice, and video in the synchronous sessions.  In the asynchronous, most participants typically use text; however, we encourage use of asynchronous and synchronous voice/video technologies.
  • Mapping Software?  - ArcGIS online
  • Who?  - Anyone who wants to incorporate spatial thinking into their curriculum either because the curriculum needs it  or because you are attempting to appeal to a wide range of learners. 

Published Monday, January 27th, 2014

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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