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I continue to be skeptical of solutions that start with "all you have to do is install our infrastructure..." That's an uphill battle!

A Spanish company is hoping to put the word on the street inside the pavement under your feet, starting this summer. Via Inteligente plans to introduce intelligent "iPavement" at this year's International Building & Construction Show in Dubai.

- C|net

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) in Pakisatan and Nokia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will enable SSGC customer services such as bill information, payment update information, GIS mapping and customer complaint management services on Nokia mobile phones. Now, Nokia phones are owned by a majority of the country's users, but this seems odd based on how things work in the west. Also interesting: does GIS mapping mean that related to the gas company, such as outage maps? That'd be my guess as the offering sounds like it'll be apps from the Nokia store.

- The News Tribe

- Pakistan Observer

The paving stones sport Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, their own operating system, apps, and sensors -- all with the goal of connecting with locals and passersby to push information ranging from local weather conditions and emergency alerts to maps and coupons for nearby businesses.

- C|net

Continuing to bring the latest in mobile technology to the student experience, Blackboard Inc. announced today the addition of augmented reality (AR) to its leading Blackboard Mobile(TM) Central platform, currently used by hundreds of institutions worldwide. The company is also announcing the launch of Explorer for iPhone, a free standalone app that leverages the same interface to allow iPhone users anywhere to explore the world around them with augmented reality.

The more I hear from Blackboard the more I realize it's a software company, NOT an education company. The last time I went to a Blackboard event I was the ONLY educator there.

- press release


SafeSnapp bills itself as better than pepper spray:

How it works: SafeSnapp(TM) provides iPhone users with the ability of placing a would-be attacker at the exact time and location with the potential victim before an attack can happen. If someone feels threatened for any reason, they simply tap the SafeSnapp(TM) icon, and point their iPhone at the perpetrator. Just one push of a button and SafeSnapp(TM) does the rest. Within seconds, three pictures of the attacker, GPS coordinates, and the user's cell number are sent to the user's email address, an emergency contact and a secure database. Even if the attacker takes or breaks the phone, it's already too late. The images and data are already off the phone, and there's nothing the attacker can do about it.

So, pretty much, you need to have that iPhone at the ready in your hand at all times. 

- press release

Published Monday, April 30th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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