SOA for GIS?

Talk about your long diatribes! The question of the day at GIS in the Rockies was…"Do you agree that service oriented architecture (SOA) is the key to enterprise data integration and interoperability?" It was answered by six panelists and while I missed a few responses by the distinguished panel members, I was able to hear the answer given by Dr. Joe Berry. Now, to put it mildly, Dr. Berry exceeded his five minute limit. But fear not, because after reading his response he mentioned that is was posted online. So, while I certainly could not do justice with a few pithy outtakes, the web is at least good at allowing allows to see his ENTIRE response. It was quite good but it truly left the other panelists at a disadvantage by mesmerizing them with his response and putting them in a heavy, late afternoon daze. The shortened version is that while SOA is an important evolutionary step for managing spatial information, it is not "revolutionary." Dr. Bill Gail of Microsoft focused his answer on how SOA can offer a "paradigm shift in the way we search for information." He said that, "search is only 5% solved today," referring to the nascient stages of using geospatial technology as a platform for search.

Published Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Written by Joe Francica

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