Source: Nokia Tech will Power the Bing Maps Infrastructure

Greg Sterling reports, but did not get official confirmation from either organization, Nokia tech will power the Bing Maps infrastructure. There have been many rumors regarding NAVTEQ in recent weeks from folks outside the industry, but Greg's on the inside, so I think this is worth sharing.

However my lunch companion argued unequivocally that Nokia Maps would effectively replace almost everything that Microsoft had developed over the past several years in terms of the Bing Maps infrastructure. This was shocking because Microsoft has invested hundreds of millions of dollars (if not billions) in creating a viable competitor to Google Maps. Most recently the company has been promoting its roll out of new hi-resolution aerial imagery on a global basis.

I said I couldn’t believe Microsoft would agree to swap in Navteq for the guts of its own system. Yet my lunch guest argued that Microsoft’s role would mostly center on the Bing Maps UI — ironically not unlike Yahoo’s relationship to Microsoft search results — everything else would be powered by Nokia.

And there was another very interesting remark. He asserted that Google’s unwillingness to agree to a co-mingling of Google Maps and Nokia Maps or substitution of Nokia Maps on the back end was one of the sticking points that prevented Nokia and Google from coming to terms.

Search Engine Land via @atanas

The gory details of how Nokia's mapping portfolio would work in the new Microsoft/Nokia deal announced earlier this year was not completely clear (APB coverage).

Published Monday, May 16th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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