SpaceCurve Tackles the Complexity of Geospatial “Big Data”

By Joe Francica

Directions Magazine (DM): Can you provide some background on the basic technology infrastructure that SpaceCurve is developing? Is this a solution based on Hadoop?

J. Andrew Rogers (JAR): SpaceCurve is creating a new spatial-temporal database and graph analysis tools for big data. The SpaceCurve technologies provide the ability to ingest and analyze large quantities of geospatial, temporal and machine-generated sensor data to create real-time actionable intelligence.

SpaceCurve is not based on Hadoop. The technology was expressly developed to address fundamental limitations in Hadoop, particularly its inability to handle the scale and complexity of large, real-time geospatial data.

DM: Will SpaceCurve release a solution for geospatial analytics and will it be integrated into an existing geospatial technology platform or stand alone?

JAR: SpaceCurve will provide massively parallel geospatial and graph analytic tools that tie entities and features to positions in time and space, enabling relationship discovery. SpaceCurve will empower location-based services to employ highly accurate real-time models of reality. By leveraging the domain expertise of its application development partners, SpaceCurve will create new opportunities in intelligent location-based services and other markets.

DM: What will be your approach toward integrating real-time sensor network information with more traditional static geospatial information?

JAR: SpaceCurve will include real-time sensor network information and traditional static geospatial information within a single model. The technology does not require different methods for handling real-time and static information.

DM: Big data is certainly a buzzword in IT. What’s your definition?

JAR: Big data is the analysis of diverse and large datasets in order to make sense of reality. SpaceCurve is focused on organizing and analyzing the most fundamental entity relationships in reality: relationships in space and time.

DM: When will you be releasing your big data solution to the market?

JAR: In Q1 2013.

Published Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Written by Joe Francica

Published in

Location Intelligence

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