Spime’s PositionOne Benefits GPS Chip Manufacturer

By Joe Francica

What's the benefit of having any mobile device that can work on any carrier network? Would it be ideal to have access to a location server in an agnostic way?

PositionOne from Spime is a Secure User Plane Location (SUPL)-compliant middleware solution that resides on the phone device. The technology acts as a gatekeeper between the GPS chip and the LBS application as well as accelerating the time to fix with its A-GPS capability. Spime supplies this middleware to GPS chip manufacturers and integrates it with different handsets. Spime expects its solution to be shipped in all mobile phones equipped with GPS chips from leading GPS chip manufacturers.

SUPL allows for higher security and authentication on the device and therefore handles personal and private information in a secure manner and protects the privacy of the user of the located device. As such, the LBS application developer does not have to worry about the authentication process. SUPL also simplifies service roaming by allowing the location information exchange of roaming subscribers.

Here's an example of how Spime's technology would work.TeleCommunication Systems and TruePosition are companies that have SUPL location platforms that provide the location of a cellular phone when requested by an LBS application. For example, Cellular Carrier "A" might have a different location server provider from Carrier B. If you have a mobile device that is SUPL compliant, it won't matter which carrier is supplying the mobile handset as it will work with any location platform.

To the GPS chip manufacturers, there is high value in this application as the handset manufacturers would be more likely to choose the chip that is SUPL enabled. PositionOne is tested to be compliant with leading SUPL location platforms. Kris Kolodziej, CTO and one of Spime's founding members, said that "SUPL and PositionOne will enable next generation of LBS services."

Published Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Written by Joe Francica

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