SPOT 7 - Images from Airbus’ Newest Earth Observation Satellite

Airbus Defense and Space released the first images from SPOT 7 just three days after launch according to a press release from the company. With the addition of SPOT 7 Airbus can offer daily repeat coverage of the earth in tandem with SPOT 6 that is phased 180 degrees in the same orbit. SPOT 6 & 7 offers 1.5 meter ground resolution. See example images released by the company below:

Kanacea Island (left) and Vanua Balavu Island of the Fiji Islands (click for full resolution image -  18mb)

Sydney Australia (click for full resolution image - 42mb)

Reunion Island (click for full resolution image - 35mb)

Published Friday, July 4th, 2014

Written by Joe Francica

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