Steven Ramage’s invitation to participate in OGC survey

By Nora Parker

1Spatial's Steven Ramage contacted us last week in his capacity as a member of the Open Geospatial Consortium's (OGC's) Data Quality Working Group regarding an effort in which he is involved. He wanted to make our readership aware of an OGC survey to collect data to "ascertain what organizations involved in the market place currently understand and mean when using the term spatial data quality." Here are Ramage's reasons why you should pay attention to this effort, and respond to the survey.
  1. You'll have an opportunity to highlight what you see as the drivers and issues for spatial data quality.
  2. You can contribute to an industry-wide issue that spans all continents.
  3. You'll be a part of the standards process and help determine mechanisms for building on ISO19000 series standards relating to data quality.
  4. You can help build momentum in the industry around spatial data quality and share ideas and approaches.
  5. You'll need to think carefully about the bottom line impact of not having “fit for purpose” data within your own organization.
I would guess that every reader of Directions Magazine has faced spatial data quality problems during their careers. An article by Ramage (PDF, page 5) about the effort appeared in GITA's Networks Magazine. You can access the survey directly.

Published Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Written by Nora Parker

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