Update: Studies: GIS Good for Utilities, AEC Firms Want to Fix Infrastructure, Apple Maps Uses Less Data

Bill Meehan Esri’s director of utility solutions responded to my query regarding more data about the sample used in the Esri study:

Q: What professionals/organizations were surveyed (were they all Esri users? Users of any GIS tech? Who?)

A Respondents were not necessarily Esri users. The study was open to any electric utility.

Q: How many of the respondents made the cut to be included (that is use GIS and know their ROI, per the report)

A: We had more than 250 responses, but some were incomplete. We had 85 utilities with complete responses, mostly from the US.

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There seems to be lots of money available to do studies. Here are three studies related to geospatial that made the news this week.

In a recent Esri study of electric utility professionals, nearly half reported a more than 10 percent increase in productivity due to the use of geographic information system (GIS) technology. 

The study, really a series of slides, is available for download in PDF (after giving up name, e-mail and country) and was published in June. Most respondents are from the U.S. and it's not clear if they are necessarily Esri users, though I'd think so. I could not find the number of organizations that responded.

- press release


Microdesk, once my AutoCAD reseller, but now a large multi-location AEC/GIS software and services provider, released the findings of its study about U.S. infrastructure. Among the findings:

  • 94 percent of respondents agree that taxpayer dollars should go towards rebuilding our nation's infrastructure
  • BIM is part of the answer

The study details:

More than 330 architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals from the Microdesk U.S. contacts database were surveyed during April 2012. The database is highly representative of senior managers, business owners and top-tier AEC firms throughout the nation. Understanding that infrastructure woes continue to plague the U.S., respondents were asked to provide their opinion about the key influences affecting the overall industry, along with their future views on a number of issues including the 2012 presidential election. The survey was commissioned by Microdesk.

Data compression and analytics firm Onavo reports (blog post) that Apple Maps despite its other issues uses 80% less data than Google Maps for iOS 6. 
The company did side-by-side tests of Apple Maps in iOS 6 and the previous Maps app in iOS 5.x, and found that Apple's new Maps app used 80% less data than its predecessor in standard view, and half as much data in Satellite view.
The standard view difference is most likely due to Apple using vector data; the iOS 5 Google Maps app was still raster. Only the Android Google Maps app has vectors so far. It's not clear how the data use is lowered in satellite view.

Published Friday, October 19th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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