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Ushahidi: Frameworks for Effective Platform Management is a four-week, online course from TechChange, running this summer from June 4th – 29th.

What has us most excited about this course is our approach toward one the highest-profile and most utilized programs in the current generation of ICT4D tools. Working closely with Patrick Meier, Ushahidi’s Director of Crisis Mapping and Strategic Partnerships, and Heather Leson, Director of Community Engagement, we’ve developed a syllabus that focuses both on building confidence in using the Ushahidi platform as well as putting equal attention on essential logistical issues like building trust networks, bolstering security and privacy, and generating effective, actionable data.

Fee: $395

- TechChange Blog via This Week in NSGIC

California high school students gathered in Shingletown for the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference In Woods Day, a companion event to GIS/GPS Map It Day, both sponsored by Sierra Pacific Industries, a timber company. The idea was to make students aware of carreers in forestry and geospatial technologies. The geo focused event included data collection and mapping.

According to [Anderson High teacher Carol] Perea, students who attended the mapping day went to Shasta College the following day and created maps based off the coordinates they had gathered using a software program called ARC.

Because ARC is similar to Adobe’s Photoshop program, students with a background in Photoshop picked up ARC quickly and now have a usable life skill, said Perea.

I'm not sure if the reference is to ArcGIS or something else, but a "useable life skill" in one day is a good return on investment!

- Anderson Valley Post

The GeoTech Center has announced the finalists for this year's Skill Competition. They will present their projects at the Esri Ed UC Sunday July 22.

The top six finalists (listed alphabetically by first name) are: 

  • Amy Atz from Gainesville State College
  • Bill Vosti from San Diego Mesa Community College
  • Cassie Tamblyn from Gainesville State College
  • Joshua Nolan from Gainesville State College
  • Laurance Armour from Central New Mexico Community College
  • Theresa Stinchfield from American River College

- GeoTech Center Blog

Published Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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