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Summit County, Ohio has four separate GIS groups that include 12 staffers. Legislation before the council would consolidate them to a single group of just 10 people and save $180,000 via staff downsizing and common purchasing. If passed the change could happen as soon as Nov 1. Interesting that the plan is not to change the tech per se, but the people/organization to save money.


Discovering recreational opportunities in the outdoors has today become even easier thanks to the introduction of major enhancements to the Walking Access Mapping System (

The mapping system has been developed by the New Zealand Walking Access Commission to display publicly accessible land across the country. It uses geographic information system (GIS) technology to display topographical maps and aerial photography of most of the country and includes an enquiry function that enables users to submit questions about access and access disputes direct to the Commission.

- press release

Water-quality information assembled by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is available to the public through a new tool on the agency's website,

The database of water samples allows the public to view water quality for specific locations throughout Colorado and marks a significant milestone in the commission's ongoing efforts to monitor, protect and quantify water quality as part of its regulatory oversight of oil and gas development in the state. 

It's hard to find the map (here's a link) but the data are there, once you turn on the right layers. The tech? MapGuide!

- Boulder County BIz Report

Want to see San Fancisco pedestrian injuries and deaths?

An interactive map released by local officials could provide some insight. The San Francisco Public Health Department, Pedestrian Safety Task Force and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency teamed up to create the map using data from the California Highway Patrol.

It's built on Online.

- Bay Citizen

Published Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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