Survey: UK Met Crime Map is Overwhelming for Users

Surveys carried out by the Home Office found that many people did not want to wade through the large amounts of raw data on the street-by-street crime maps.

The service, went online last February (APB coverage) and has cost £500,000 to date. So, what do citizens want in its place? The study suggests a police newsletter or data in local paper were rather popular. There was also discussion of how compares; it's used in the Isle of Wright. The sense I got after skimming the report: raw data, even on a map, will not mean engagement or action. Or as someone in the U.S. put it, you can't eat data.

The results of the study are expect to guide future development of the mapping website.

- The Telegraph

In seemingly unlrelated news, a new addion to the site is pictures of those convicted.

The scheme will go live on the website within the next few months.

It will be an extension of In The Dock — a pilot project launched last year by West Yorkshire Police.

-">The Sun

Published Friday, October 12th, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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