Survey: UK’s Online Crime Maps Deters Crime Reporting?

More than 5.2m people have not reported crimes for fear of deterring home buyers or renters since the Home Office's online crime map was launched in February 2011, according to a research from Direct Line.


An online poll of 2,685 adults conducted on behalf of the insurance company found that, of the people not reporting crimes, nearly 4m, or 75%, ignored antisocial behaviour such as drug dealing or vandalism for fear of demeaning the neighbourhood.

In response to Direct Line's survey, the Home Office issued the following statement: "It is the crime that impacts negatively upon communities. Crime maps will allow residents to hold their local police to account for the level of crime and antisocial behaviour in their neighbourhood, pushing police to tackle crime which really affects the local community."

The tough part here is confirming the non-reporting is caused by or related to the online map.

- The Guardian

Published Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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