Takeaways from PBBI Road Show

Update: PBBI has requested I change all references to MapInfo 11 to "“MapInfo Professional v11.0.”  I have.


The Boston PBBI road show held Tuesday and hosted by Mitchell Geographics of Maine was packed. We filled every seat. No, I don't know why. Nearly everyone I spoke to had attended in past years, so there must have been some newbies in there somewhere!

We saw presentations on MapInfo Professional v11.0, AnySite and Spectrum. Here's what I took away from each one:

MapInfo Professional v11.0

Geosk, MapInfo's implementation of WeoGeo which offers up most (and soon all of) MapInfo's data products for "clip and ship" delivery is live today. Sadly, the Internet connection was weak and a full demo was not really possible. The common question seemed to be "Exactly what data is in there?" suggesting the attendees are not too familiar with the company's data catalog. Also demoed: MapInfo Manager the new data cataloging/metadata tool. 


This is a tool for site selection and territory management.  At the event I understood that the Gadberry Group had taken over all devleopment efforts. I read online that Gadbry Group will host a replacement online offering as of the end of the year. It'll be called Magnify. I'm confused now as to exactly who is doing what. (name, links to partner corrected)


Spectrum is the company's "extract transform and load" tool to perform data hygiene, geocoding and the like. We saw how to develop a service using a visual developement environment (I thought of FME Workbench). I heard WSDL, REST and SOAP in the same sentence, something I'd somehow avoided for the last year or so. As Will Mitchell, president of Mitchell Geo, correctly stated, this tool is not for everyone, but clearly it is for some. Yep, some folks were taking furious notes and their eyes lit up. 

The only bad news: everyone noticed that Moshe Benyamin, the product manager we've seen every year, was not present. We confirmed this week (via LinkedIn) he took a new job. He's now Product Management Director at Autotask (not Autodesk). It's an IT company. Best of luck, Moshe!

Published Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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