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Taking Dengue Fever GIS Statewide and other Health GIS News

Appreciating the Geographic Information System (GIS) of urban unit of Planning and Development Department for collecting data regarding dengue and other necessary information, he [Chief Minister Punjab, Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif ] directed the Chief Secretary that the scope of this system be extended to the whole province.

An essay contest for youth on the ways to spread awareness about the disease is planned.

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The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has been awarded a $16 million U54 cooperative agreement from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to establish a global center of excellence to address the childhood obesity epidemic. The new Johns Hopkins Global Center for Childhood Obesity will emphasize the integration of geospatial analysis with a systems science and transdisciplinary approach to childhood obesity, bringing together basic science, epidemiology, nutrition, medicine, engineering and environmental and social policy research, among other fields, in an unprecedented, innovative way.

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Home health montioring is growing. GeoNovo is readying a new system that tracks and monitors and sends data indoors and out.

The range of RSP-2xx devices will meet all the requirements of healthcare users through an unrivalled combination of technology and firmware functionality including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a 3D accelerometer for fall detection and motion sensing and a large colour screen. It will also achieve a ‘first’ for a product of this type in that it will be able to provide indoor tracking to complement its excellent outdoor GPS performance.

Working both within and outside the home, the RSP-200 will automatically chose the best communications option and provide unrivalled telecare and personal protection monitoring as well as connectivity to, and data capture from, home telehealth systems.

- press release

Published Monday, November 14th, 2011

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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