TAPC - TomTom and the Future

Jocelyn Vigreux, of TomTom highlighted that “To TomTom” is now in the Dutch dictionary. That shows that navigation, and certainly TomTom, have “made it.” His discussion however seemed a bit defensive to me. He agreed that maps would be on all phones, but that there was still quite a long time for a market for in-car navigation systems. 

The future, he argues is about content, specifically traffic content. We’ve underdelivered he suggests; we don’t yet have real time, all roads, 24x7, predictive and reliable traffic information. (Recall: NAVTEQ just recently announced the acquisition of Traffic.com). The future is also about personalization, again that intimate relation to the mobile device.

Update:The folks from TomTom suggested to me after reading this that the the goal was not be defensive, but to say how the two solutions in car nav and mobile nav will work together, but at different times for different purposes. The company feels that for some years the two will coexist, afterward? Who knows. I also learned that TomTom offers a phone-based solution.

Published Friday, November 17th, 2006

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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