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This summer, IAGT and CIESIN are offering two opportunities for high school teachers and educators to learn how they can get their students to explore the impacts of climate change on human health. During these two Institutes, educators will use a geographic information system (GIS) called CHANGE Viewer, developed from NASA World Wind, to explore how a change in climate will impact human health.  The CHANGE Viewer provides access to climate and human datasets needed to ask, visualize, and answer questions about where and how climate change will impact people around the world.

Each one is three days in New York State and include a small stipend.

- Climate Change Human Health via @josephkerski

 Appalachian State University is offering a Master of Arts degree in geography with a planning concentration beginning in August on the UNC-Asheville campus.

The degree will be offered online and in residence; applications due July 1.

- Blue Ridge Now

How do you combine Green Maps (those geared to sustainabiity), geography education and dance? They do it at Weber State College in Utah and have driven up geography assessment scores for elementary students. How?

Each year, Weber State does an outreach program in the community. This year, it decided to use the green map project. Lawrence and her students took the mapping and dance project to schools in Ogden, where the students learned dances about water, plants and animal life that were represented by icons on the map.

Dancers from Weber State University performed at schools during assemblies. They worked closely with fourth- and sixth-graders at Horace Mann Elementary twice a week for 10 weeks, teaching them mapping and dance.

Students would re-create a biome, such as the high desert, by holding poses that represented rocks, cactus and sage while other students would move as animals through the dancescape, Lawrence said.

- Salt Lake City Tribune

Published Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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