Technology Is Driving Required Skills

By Dean Howell

As more and more of the main stream GIS vendors head down the path of web enabled and customized solutions the technical skills for the GIS developer are rapidly changing.There is a very strong move to such skills as Java, ASP, VB and .NET that the traditional proprietary programming skills are less and less sought after.

Many of the tertiary courses with spatial content are now are starting to recognize these requirements and rather than just teach how to use spatial software, specific IT skills are becoming increasing part and parcel of these courses.

In the mean-time this unfortunately means that many of the traditional GIS / cartographic and remote sensing skills are being lost to IT gurus being bought in to undertake development tasks.

This does not mean that the traditional spatial analyst / developer role is becoming redundant but there is a greater need for the spatial analyst to have a more well round technical base to get the most out of the software products on the market. It also means a continual learning curve as technology and tools change to match the needs of the every increasing spatial market place.

Many of the major players in the spatial market place now offer online or custom courses to keep up with the technology. See your vendor for more details on the types of training courses available and the directions that the vendors are taking their software.

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Published Saturday, December 6th, 2003

Written by Dean Howell

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