Technology Update: Oracle9i and Telcontar’s Drill Down Server (DDS)

By Joe Francica

At Oracle Open World on December 4th, Oracle and Telcontar introduced technology that will provide extremely high performance of spatial queries that do not fit the typical relational model.The simple example they gave is to ask the question, "Find all of the gas stations along my route."

Telcontar's Drill Down Server (DDS) is the platform employed to develop this application and boasts the ability to be independent of the spatial data format chosen by the user.

An Oracle team did the integration work using the Oracle9i Application Server Environment and its GIS API function set.Using Telcontar's DDS they mapped function calls to the Oracle library.The objective of the two companies is to facilitate the development of wireless location-based services.

Telcontar's DDS is also being used by other firms to deliver maps on a mobile handset for real time traffic information.ATX, Dallas, TX, the recognized independent supplier of telematics technology, utilizes the Telcontar Drill Down Server technology for their call center applications.ATX supplies Ford, Lincoln, and Mercedes Benz with in-vehicle navigation and emergency assistance systems.

Tecontar's David Wood, Vice President of marketing, said that there are three markets that they are targeted for the DDS:

  1. Internet mapping portals such as Vicinity/MapBlast, which is already a customer;
  2. Vehicle Telematics suppliers such as car manufacturers and telematics service providers such as ATX and WingCast as well as Fleet management companies;
  3. Location-Based Services from wireless carriers such as Sprint and AT&T for applications as commuter traffic information.

Published Thursday, December 20th, 2001

Written by Joe Francica

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