Telmap Product Overview

By Hal Reid

Telmap Ltd.
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Telmap provides mobile navigation on cell phones, PDAs and Blackberry devices that have GPS built-in or are Bluetooth-enabled and can use an external Bluetooth GPS device. This is a "white label" (i.e. sold through channels) product that is offered through cell service providers or as a custom application for the enterprise. The company also supports most operating systems for mobile devices such as Symbian, Java, BREW, BlackBerry and Windows. As expected, Telmap provides turn-by-turn voice driving or walking directions in several languages. Origin and destination points can be stored, so that new routes can easily be created to and from those stored points.

The Telmap system also has a "buffer ahead" feature, so if the signal is lost when going through a tunnel, for example, the mobile device retains some of the future route, enabling the user to continue until the signal is recovered. The Telmap product provides navigation services via connections to servers in New Jersey and in London (hosted by Globix).

Premium services are also available, such as traffic information, weather and online directories to specialized points of interest and services pertinent to a particular business (e.g. your customersï¿1⁄2 locations).

Telmap provides navigation services on a monthly fee basis, which allows for almost immediate setup and operation. The user base is only required to have a GPS-enabled cell phone, PDA or Blackberry device and a registration code from Telmap. Naturally, the expected turn-by-turn voice prompts work for both in-vehicle and pedestrian navigation.

How it Works
The Telmap application is downloaded to the cell phone or PDA. The application connects you to the servers. Service is usually sold by the continent, with additional areas available on as short a term as a weekly basis. This minimal option would be helpful if you are traveling to another continent on business. Wide area coverage is also available.

The Telmap architecture, which shows the Andromeda engine used for map rendering, geocoding and routing. The geographic database is used for performing the search, mapping and routing functions. Because this is an international product, access to multiple geographies is a simple extension function. There are also premium content boxes that provide the additional services of traffic, weather and the online directories. (Click for larger image)

A quick tour steps through elements of the maps, locating restaurants, entertainment, etc. Be sure to note the quality of the maps.

Telmap Coverage

Telmap covers the majority of the world where appropriate wireless service exists.

(Click for larger image)
These are examples of the user interface on a cell phone or PDA. These are simple to use and work with the size of the screen. (Click for larger image)

As we all move closer to carrying just one device for email, cell phone service and PDA functionality, have access navigation on that device will be expected. With Telmap, you can add navigation to your cell phone or PDA for many parts of the world, as you need the services. The quality of the maps and the "readability" of the user interface are excellent, making reading maps on the small screen of your cell phone easily doable. You can check the company's website to see if your device is currently supported.

Published Monday, May 8th, 2006

Written by Hal Reid

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