Temeculah May Drop Geography Requirement and other Education GIS News

High school students in the Temecula Valley Unified School District [California] may no longer have to take health or geography classes to graduate.

The school board is considering changing the requirements for those courses. Why? It's not clear, but busy schedules seem to be a factor. Some 10% of students who take band or student government and other electives must take the course outside of school either from another school or online. There's quite an outcry related to cutting health, but research suggests other localdistricts do not require a geography course.

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Everything is better with zombies!

Camp Sidney Dew was the site of a first-time training event called Zombie-O that attracted more than 300 Northwest Georgia Council Boy Scouts, Venturers and leaders. The brainchild of Max McAdams, Zombie-O was designed to help Scouts improve their orienteering skills. 

“Basic orienteering skills, learning to use a map and compass, have been an important part of scouting since it was founded,” said McAdams, who also chaired the event. 

O here refers to orienteering. Volunteers were dressed up as zombies to make for a more realistic scenarios and trackers visited controls (just like in real orienteering) to confirm their navitation prowess.


In October and January, an official from the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association met with teachers [at BlackHawk School District, Beaver Couty, PA] to discuss careers in the natural gas industry, educational requirements of employers, and curriculum development.

“We’re basically training our teachers and tasking them with adding pieces to our curriculum that will help prepare our students to join the work force,” [Superintendent Michelle] Miller said. “We want them to be prepared for the changes taking place in Beaver County.”

So, now students can learn about jobs in oil and gas, take safety courses and even GIS as a pathway to careers directly or via college.


The high school launched geospatial technology classes, which will provide students with map-making skills needed by the natural gas industry, as well as other industries.

- Times Online

Published Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Written by Adena Schutzberg

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